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Inward spiralling winds, concernshave told doctorsthe brain is in Coriolis effects. Inertial forces have traumatised every mirror into distortion. Concerns resist the changing velocity of glass. It is no wonder in malnutrition the earth’s belthas inverted. The hemisphere that claims north Is counter clockwise. Approximate balance ofgradient force has made a meal of the patient’s organ tenants. Somatic scales sequela sequence -- psychology disrupted. If the mirror and its human Are dehydrated in metabolic delusion What health is there but skin allergicto muscle eroding on bone. Concerns hold weather frontof elemental war. They do not understand the spiralling of self-esteem or theneed for a stormin  a region with no tropic waves. What room in Coriolis brain did the cyclone eyecreate itself? Air pockets in places that need more than mass. Circulation of industrialised society – image – collapsed. You find four million eyes in angry helixes. Who is to blame for wind formation? The conce…

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