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Ash and its dying back

Flowering spectrums of lights that sit happy purples and sometimes greens and amber yellows. Cluster forgotten winter black velvet buds. The seasons do not matter, when matter fundamental to it’s material is standing dead                                               still in its curves of opposing grey that can’t quite fathom their leafy lights can’t quite grasp the quality of its patterned hues. All it knows is to expect four hundred years of maybe standing in woodlands of spirited moods. It may help for you to be the tallest      may help for you to be shade tolerant                     may even help for you to demand more light than anyone else. But even in mature circles of you, you couldn’t quite save yourself from fungal jest. The woodland is friend and foe. And your Fraxinus beauty skips unknowing eyes. Narrow crowns bleeding slivery smoke do not know who is next for the throne. Uncertain legacies shave away the hairs of both male and female body trunks     – branc…

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