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Dreamscape - they fell upside down

We ran into a hole in which Tokyo and Korea stayed. Through fields of blue mist, the sky had fallen and walked amongst us. I think he was lost, I think he was blue and wet from crying - send him back home.      Jumped over dead bodies, I left purple candles behind us as breadcrumbs. A girl asked a man not to love her. A father entered his daughter. There was a party in the garden. A man who liked to play games with human life watched and placed a hit on a girl. Who wants to play? Me. There’s a horse leaking with papaya juice hanging from the garden tree, the girl is going to die. Some people are dancing inside. I catch a glimpse of the love of my lives. We are in an outside-inside place of carpet grass. I am watching him read from a yellow notebook. A woman rubs onion on his arms and then finds me to do the same. I run through green and wheat and all the things cement wishes it was, try to wash away the peeling stink from my arms - he follows.  A man attacks me and the human with the …

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